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Advantages of Raw Coffee

Waking up to a cup of coffee in the morning is the start of a fruitful day. Coffee makes you keep focused and ever alert. For over six centuries now, coffee has been roasted and it has changed the world. However, of recent the new trend is about coffee is taking it raw. As the rest of the world is catching up on taking raw coffee, the Ethiopians have been doing so for generations. This pegs the questions why the abrupt shift into raw coffee? The answer is simple. Roasting coffee decreases the amount of chlorogenic acid, one of the main components of coffee which has numerous health benefits to the human body. Raw coffee has the chlorogenic acid in plenty hence its uptake will provide you with many health advantages. Some of the health advantages of raw coffee comprise;.

Weight Loss

Everyone understands the problem associated with overweight and that is why most people can use all means at their disposal to help them shade some of the extra weight. Raw coffee provides the natural and easiest way of losing some weight while enjoying yourself. Chlorogenic acid increases your body’s Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) which essentially reduces the release of glucose by the liver. When this happens the body finds less glucose to burn. To compensate for the glucose deficiency, the body instead burns fats. Raw coffee also contains caffeine which gives people the urge to reach for their travel coffee maker to make more coffee. Green coffee also suppresses your appetite hence lessen your chances of gaining more weight.

Increases the Flow of Blood

Caffeine may cause blood pressure and that is a scientific fact. However, raw coffee has been proved to improve blood circulation. Green coffee is comprised of aspirin-like elements which prevent the clustering of blood platelets. This in nature aids blood circulation through arteries with no inhibition, lowering blood pressure and several ailments.

Reduce Aging

Radicals are the main cause of aging. They harm the body tissues thus speeding the aging process. However, green coffee has a solution to this. The antioxidants and chlorogenic acid found in raw coffee suppresses these radicals and thus slowing the aging process. They also boost your skin tone and also the immune system.

Keeps You Happy and Alert

The uptake of moderate caffeine can improve your mood and cognitive functioning. Scientists have shown that caffeine raises contentment, alertness and mood and also reduces fatigue. Raw coffee also contains caffeine; it would work very well for you just as roasted coffee for this matter.

Improves Skin Tone and Hair

Raw coffee is an important source of fatty acids. The fatty acids have a moisturizing effect to the skin and protect it against wrinkling and sagging. The fatty acids also act as a detoxification agent which prevents the entry of toxic materials into your hair follicles thus leading to healthier and smooth hair.

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