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How to Enjoy a Healthy BBQ with Friends and Family

The BBQ season is usually in full swing during the summer. Friends and family come together during these occasions to share great food. Most individuals don’t care about the consequences of the food they eat during barbecues on their wellbeing. Barbecues typically have some of the unhealthiest foods ranging from different types of meat and fats to starchy foods like fries and roast potatoes. One barbecue may make a whole month work out futile if you do not watch what you eat. There are a range of ways in which you can enhance your eating habits at barbecues. A few of them are discussed below.

To begin with, you have to plan for the day. Find out how many people are likely to attend in order to ensure there is enough food to feed them all. You need to inquire about any special preferences or any allergies that the guests might have in order to guarantee everybody is included in the barbecue meal. In addition, you must know whether there are vegetarians attending so as to make arrangements. You then need to shop for the different items from reliable sources. When purchasing the meat go for fresh cuts and make sure there is a variety of meat types.

The next step is to choose the best way to roast the meat. Most people are not born chefs and may lack the necessary skills to roast different kinds of meat in different ways so as to get different tastes. For generations barbecues have been a manly event where the man does most of the roasting. Most men may not know the best way to roast meat as they may be relying on what they were taught by their fathers. There are many good recipe books like the Brooke Griffin Cookbook which have recipes about the best ways to roast various meat types in a healthy way.

You also need to minimize on the artificial additives that you add to the meat when roasting. These include spices which are processed and sold in powder form in stores. However, there has to be a balance between the composition of the meal and the general taste. Any barbecue’s purpose would be to consume meat that is yummy. Look at the recipe book and know the spices required and get them in vegetable form from farmers’ markets. You can replace some of the meat such as fatty pork chops with healthy choices including crab meat, white meat, among others.

The last thing you need to do is to prepare a tasty salad for your guests. The salad needs to be so great that everyone including the vegetarians and meat lovers enjoy it. This can help reduce meat consumption for you and the guests and make the meal healthy and balanced.

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